What does this button do?

A quick tour of all the app features from buttons to taps to swipes 
(features work in both portrait and landscape modes, unless indicated)

Arrival Times

Tap this button to display arrival times next to each destination, tap again to hide


This button will show or hide routing information in the departures list if it is available for the selected service
eg: Dartford via Bexleyheath
(Portrait only)

Nearest Station

Tap to select the nearest station to you.   

 ⚠️  This feature needs permission to use your location


Tap to show a gallery of all available themes


Tap to flip the information panel to the top of the screen, then full screen and then tap the arrow again to flip it back
(Portrait only)


Rotate your phone to switch between portrait (destination list) and landscape (departure board) views

Station Search

Tap on the station name at the top of the screen to search from over 2,500 UK rail stations

Tip! Use the tabs to select between name or CRS searching, Recent stations you viewed, Nearby stations or your Favourites

Change Platform

Swipe left or right in the middle of the screen to change the platform
(Landscape only)

Change Departure

Swipe left or right on the information panel to move up/down one departure
(Portrait only)


If this symbol appears at the bottom right of the screen with a line through it, you don't have a connection to the internet

The departure board will refresh once it gets a connection again

Departure List

Remember that the departure list scrolls, so there may be more services available at your station

(Portrait only)

Platform Numbers

Platform numbers will display for services when they are available

⚠️  Sometimes the train operating companies don't provide platform numbers, if so we can't display them

Bus Services

NexTrain will tell you if a service is Rail Replacement or an Airport Transfer

Tip! Look for platform BUS in landscape mode for bus services at your station

Favourite Station

Tap this button in the station select screen to mark a station as a favourite

(Station selection only)

Tip! Look in the Fav tab for all your favouites

Home Station

Swipe right in the station select screen to reveal the Home button.  Use to set your home station.

Tip! Use this button in portrait mode to call up your Home or a Work favourite station whichever is nearest

Work Station

Swipe right in the station select screen to reveal the Work button. Use to set any number of work favourite stations.

(Station selection only)

Departure Mode

Tap this button to advance to the next mode

Arrivals Mode

Tap this button to advance to the next mode

Miles or Km

When displaying Nearby favourites, tap this button to show distance in miles or kilometres

(Station selection only)

Passenger Information

This button displays average train loading and in full screen mode also carriage details (where provided by the train operator)

(Portrait only)

+30 Minutes

Tap this button to window the departures board forward by 30 minutes

(Portrait only)

-30 Minutes

Tap this button to window the current board back by 30 minutes

(Portrait only)