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How this little app came to be

Thursday, February 18, 2021

I was standing at the station, in the morning rush hour, waiting for a delayed train, as you do, and thought for what must have been the hundredth time...  "I wish I could see the display from here".

Other times I've been waiting on the station concourse for the 5:39 right near the gates, because I want a seat or at least room to stand 🙃 but I can't see the board and I'm taking a gamble they didn't switch platforms on me at the last minute...

We've all been there, you can look at an app, there are lots of options, but they're all trying to plan a journey for you - all you want to know is what's on that board.

So I got fed up of not knowing, and wrote NexTrain so I could see what was going on from "my' end of the platform!  Hope you enjoy using it 🚈

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